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Serial Number Call Sign   Details
25-0854 D-EAFE             M20K Germany
25-0856 D-EAFX   M20K Germany Accident
26-0001 N20XL   Kerrville Texas
26-0002 N10MP   Destroyed Hurricane Charley
26-0003 N95TZ   Converted IO550
26-0004 N42MP   CM
26-0005 N26MP   AG Florida
26-0006 N911LJ   EW Destroyed Hurricane Charley
26-0007 N71MP   CM Damaged Hurricane Charley
26-0008 N72MP   Florida Aircraft Sales
26-0009 N76MP   Destroyed Hurricane Charley
26-0010 N78MP   Converted ?Rocket
26-0011 N132MP   Accident March 11 1993
26-0012 N133MP   Converted IO550
26-0013 D-EBEN   Germany
26-0014 N134MP   CH
26-0015 N135MP    
26-0016 N136MP   JW Converted IO550
26-0017 N137MP   PC Converted IO550. Damaged in hurricane.
26-0018 N217MP   Deregistered Feb 08 1997. Accident 5 Oct 1996
26-0019 N12VJ   Destroyed Hurricane Charley
26-0020 N63MP   Converted IO550
26-0021 N141MP   LJ
26-0022 HB-DHF    
26-0023 N142MP   Converted IO550
26-0024 N143MP   TP California
26-0025 N144MP   JE Texas
26-0026 N111MM   Converted?
26-0027 N147MP    
26-0028 N158MP   ?Rocket Conversion
26-0029 N157MP   Converted IO550
26-0030 N149MP   DS Converted IO550
26-0031 N823TH   Ex F-GPFM
26-0032 N152MP   LL For Sale
26-0033 VH-JGQ   Australia. Was N153MP
26-0034 N154MP   ? Rocket Conversion TSIOL550 "Sporty's Plane"
26-0035 D-ERYW    Was N160MP G-RAAD and P4-ING
26-0036 N155MP   AG Florida
26-0037 N156MP   Lycoming TIO540 Kerrville
26-0038 N911GT    
26-0039 N1070S   AB
26-0040 VH-JGD   Australia Was N5257G
26-0041 N1024Z   Accident August 13 2002, TSIOL 550 Conversion