"This may be what Dr.Porsche had in mind all along.

It's the next generation Porsche PFM 3200 aircraft engine which powers the new Mooney PFM and other general avaition aircraft.

It's and engine that carries on the tradition born in 1911 when Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was as famous for his innovative aircraft engine designs as he was for his race car and automobile engine designs.

An engine designed to satisfy Professor Ferry Porsche's obsession with technological leadership.

And and engine that does in the air what every Porsche does sos well on the ground. It performs.

As you might expect, the PFM 3200 is an aircraft derivative of the legendary Porsche 911 engine.

One reason. Main component designs have been proven in over 300,000 911 automotive engines.

Another. Light weight, air cooling and six horizontally opposed cylinders. Naturals for aircraft engine design, they are already integral features of the 911.

The similarities end there.

The technologically advanced PFM 3200 is a true aircraft powerplant, built for people like you. People who know that flying is much more than simply a faster way of getting from here to there.

People who relish the idea of taking to the air in there own aircraft.

People with hours and ratings that qualify them to judge an aircraft on it's merits. And people whose only qualification is a burning desire to learn how to fly in a Porsche. As over 20% of those who've already purchased a Mooney PFM are already doing.

In the air, the Porsche PFM 3200 and the Mooney PFM airframe become a celebration of a pilot's love affair with flying. And of a pilot's appreciation for performance and features that quietly advance the joy of just being in the air.

Sophisticated simplicity. Unquestioned quality and design integrity. And technology that redefines what a personal aircraft should be.

if you think about it, this may be what Dr. Porsche had in mind all along." 


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